10 July, 2008

Runner's Web flacks Cycling Power Data from the Tour

Why Runners Web is plugging watching live power data from SRM and
TrainingPeaks I don't know, but they ran the press release. Didn't
think runners got into that sort of thing.

Cycling: Tour de France Power File Analysis and Live Data
RunnersWeb - Ottawa,Ontario,Canada
Tour de France cycling fans can watch live heart rate, power, cadence and
speed transmitted daily at TrainingPeaks.com from the SRM power meters of
several ...

Vaughters says he doesn't pay for results

Well, only sort of. The Canadian Press comes up with choice bits
again. The first is best; Vaughters explains that he doesn't give
the riders an incentive to dope.

Former Tour de France rider Vaughters makes strong impression so far
The Canadian Press - SUPER-BESSE, France
SUPER-BESSE, France - Former Tour de France rider Jonathan Vaughters has
made a strong impression with his Garmin-Chipotle team so far, and he wants
to ...

Tips on Watching the Tour from the Sporting News

This one you don't need to read. But it's something to send your
uninitiated friends when you get tired of explaining why you watch.

How to Watch the Tour de France
SportingNews.com - USA
For the uninitiated, you might consider watching the Tour de France a
complete waste of time. However, for the casual viewer who knows nothing
about wattage ...

Brian Moore makes a case for doping at the Tour

Moore, who writes extensively on cycling, thinks the Tour is so
brutal that drugs almost make sense.

Brian Moore: My case for allowing doping in Tour de France
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
By Brian Moore Only athletics can compete with cycling for the public's
'Who Takes the Most Drugs' award; and the Tour de France has certainly
managed to ...

"Bad Blood" Reviewed in Telegraph

Don't know if we'll see this book mentioned in any cycling Tour
coverage. It's by Jeremy Whittle and looks at the good and bad of
the tour. The Telegraph reviewed it.

Tour de France's ugliness laid bare
Telegraph.co.uk - United Kingdom
As the Tour de France wends its arduous way along the minor roads of the
host nation, cycling addicts watch with a mixture of admiration and
trepidation. ...