26 June, 2009

Extreme Birthday Celebration

Turning 50 is supposed to be a chance for reflection. A half-century down, a half to go. Upon looking forward to his 50th, it seems one cyclist got a bug he couldn't shake. He wanted to ride the entire Tour de France. Almost as a touriste-routier of old. So he's going to France with his wife. She gets to drive the motorhome, he gets to ride his bike. His plan is to ride every stage in full a few days ahead of the race. She's writing it up. It's bound to be a crazy read.

Horner might be out of Le Tour, but he got a great write-up in Oregon Live

We're Chris Horner fans. Candid at all times and smiles when racing. He wasn't afraid to criticize Armstrong when the Discovery team folded, and he's still got the Astana team nod. This story in Oregon Live does a better job than most mainstream press at capturing what it means to be a pro cyclist. Their video feature at the top is pretty funny, a must watch.