12 July, 2008

LA Times: TdF Still has dopes

The opening lines of the story are pretty good: "If there is still Reader's Digest (there is, right?) and if it still does a feature called 'Can this marriage be saved?' we have a suggestion for a change of topic.  Can cycling be saved?"

Tour de France still has its dopes
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Reportedly police searched rooms of other Liquigas riders though the team
has not been kicked out of the Tour de France. Beltran has. ...

Bangkok Post has insight on Beltran Doping Case

Just like seeing a Thai newspaper covering the Tour.  They go a bit further than most wire stories I've read on the subject.

Cyclist Beltran detained for drug use, out of Tour de France
Bangkok Post - Thailand
Paris (dpa) - Spanish cyclist Manuel Beltran was kicked out of the Tour de
France by his team and led away by police for questioning after failing a
doping ...