04 August, 2008

Look at doping from management perspective

The author of "What to do when you become the boss" argues that "teams" as opposed to "groups" are less likely to dope and operate better together.

Tour de Farce or Team de Force?
Management-Issues - London,England,UK
It's probably fair to say that most followers and even casual observers of
the recent Tour de France expected the race to throw up some drug cheats.

Columbia Sportswear Company happy with Tour

There are a few amazing htings to know here. One is that Columbia
had already locked in their marketing budget for the year. Another
is that the Euopean division was opposed to it. Must have been an
incredible powerpoint demo.

Columbia says Tour de France sponsorship 'an unqualified success'
The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Portland,OR,USA
But in the first public accounting of the team's success in the recently
concluded Tour de France, Chief Executive Tim Boyle was anything but
ambivalent. ...