02 July, 2009

Lance's Twitter Love now a marketing tactic

The guy has been tweeting for some time. He used it during the Giro d'Italia to bypass the reporters assembled at that race. Now he's using it to both bypass reporters and help market his sponsors. Brandweek details the effort in Lance Armstrong Peddles 'Tour de France' via Social Media. Oakley, Nissan, and Clear20 are in on it. The last one is the best--it is a portable filtration system.

Magnum Photo Essay on the Tour

Not all cycling, but the images from Magnum Photos are amazing. Love the B&W. Commentary by Jorgen Leth, the director of A Sunday in Hell. Check it out.

The Tour de France Band

"Tour de France" is also the name of a music group. This quartet plays "music of the French provinces." "Many of the tunes played are drawn from 19th and early 20th century sources and were used to accompany then-popular ballroom dances: waltzes, schottishes, polkas, and mazurkas. Also featured are older regional dance forms: distinctive branles, rondeaux, and bourrées."