31 July, 2009

Wiggins to release his last 10 years of drug tests?

In an effort to prove he's a clean cyclist, TdF fourth-place finisher Bradley Wiggins might release to the public the last 10 years of his drug test results. Seems a bit nutty, and if I were a pro cyclist I might not like the implication that anyone who doesn't do the same is a doper, but then I know the reputation of cyclists despite all the problems in the rest of sport.

release them wiggo! show us.

Four days racing on a broken collarbone

That would be George Hincapie. He skipped having it x-rayed after his stage 17 crash, lest the doctors tell him he couldn't go on. Seems like myth, but the guy not only finished the Tour, but drilled it for his teammate Mark Cavendish with 1k to go on the Champs-Elysees. He brought Columbia to the front and Cavendish did his patented winning jump to win the stage.

I don't know if that's professionalism. It is dedication and does seem a bit deranged. Must have hurt like crazy, but then again, after 17 days at the Tour, maybe hurting like crazy doesn't seem so hard.