18 July, 2008

Robbie Hunter Blasts Teammate for Doping

Guess Duenas won't be sending him a holiday card this year.  Hunter's comments are rare; few people are willing to criticize a teammate, even a soon-to-be ex-teammate who will probably never race pro again.  Use the link in the article to get Robbie's comments on his blog.  They're even more unusual.

Hunter blasts Tour de France cheats
The Times - Johannesburg,Gauteng,South Africa
South African sprinter Robbie Hunter has lashed out at his Spanish teammate
Moises Duenas, who was booted out of the Tour de France after testing
positive ...

Web in France Magazine highlights doping

Didn't know there was an "English-language online magazine about France, for Anglophones who love French travel, culture and French news."  Striking that this was their first TdF article of the year.  The last article they did, last year, was on Rasmussen doping.

Tour de France loses a third leading cyclist to drug charges
Web in France Magazine - Miami,USA
On the Tour de France, gendarmes are becoming almost as numerous as
competitors. An Italian rider who has already won two stages this year,
Riccardo Riccò ...

CVV checks in with the Tribune

Christian Vande Velde continues contributing to his hometown paper.  He gives a few nice illustrations of what riding the Tour is like.  My favorite may be "But passing out on the massage table and waking up in a pool of drool is the sign of a good nap."

Tour de France diary: Surviving the grind all mental
Chicago Tribune - United States
By Christian Vande Velde | Special to the Chicago Tribune NARBONNE, France
- Christian Vande Velde is still just 38 seconds off the pace after Stage
12; ...