19 July, 2008

The Oregonian Chronicles the Ricco Fallout

        Portland-based cyclewear company Castelli has been burned by the Riccardo Ricco doping bust and the Saunier-Duval team's subsequent withdrawl.  Maybe if riders read this, they'd start thinking about their sponsors.

Castelli-sponsored team withdraws from Tour de France
The Oregonian - OregonLive.com - Portland,OR,USA
Cycling apparel maker Castelli celebrated Riccardo Ricco's Tour de France
victories earlier this week by hanging a banner outside its US headquarters
in ...

then again, maybe not.

SciAm gets doping wrong

They call the column 60-Second Science.  More like 60-Second research.  Sloppy.  I'm sure you'll spot the errors.

Italian cyclist cut from Tour de France for doping
Scientific American - USA
Italian cyclist Riccardo Ricco today was pulled from the Tour de France
after he tested positive for the banned substance EPO, a hormone that
boosts oxygen ...

The Tour de France is coming to...Alpe d'Huez

Surprised?  Of course not.  But The Alpedhueznet site takes it like no one has seen the Tour before.  But since it's an English-language site about skiing, maybe not.

Tour de France is coming! Landis in 2006
AlpedHueznet.com - Alpe d'Huez,Isere,France
The 95th edition of the Tour de France is in full swing and heading towards
Alpe d'Huez. Stage 17 of the legendary race is due to finish in resort
next ...

Sporting News delivers the Tour Light

Maybe this is how the Tour should be delivered.  Maybe it's how all sports should be delivered.  This appears to be the thing that amazes the reporter the most, "I didn't catch his name, but a rider actually split his bike in two hitting a road sign in a traffic island. Naturally, despite somersaulting off the bike and onto asphalt, he got up, grabbed a new bike, and finished the stage without complaint."

Your Stage 12 Tour de France Update
SportingNews.com - USA
First, to get this all out of the way again: the Tour de France still
exists. Thank you, and proceed to the rest of the post. Oh, just your
leisurely stage ...