21 July, 2008

Schleck's team ethos

The British Press seems to love stirring the pot.  The story below has an incendiary title, a title the story doesn't bear out.

Tour de France: Schleck under fire from own manager for lack of ...
Independent - London,England,UK
By Alasdair Fotheringham, with the Tour Six days from Paris, and the
balance of power in the 2008 Tour de France could hardly be more delicate,

Pakistan Times Mangles Language and Names

"Ferrari" won stage 14?  Not even phonetic.  And this from the paper's wire service.  Hope no other outlet uses their Tour coverage.

Spain's Ferrari wins stage 14 of Tour De France
Pakistan Times - Islamabad,Pakistan
Popularly known Tour De France Cycle Race's 14th stage win went to Oscar
Ferrari, who covered 194.5 kilometers distance in 4 hours 13 minutes and 8
seconds. ...

Is the Tour disintegrating?

Der Spiegel thinks so. And BusinessWeek thought enough of hte idea to translate and reprint the article.

The Tour de France Is DisIntegrating
BusinessWeek - USA
The doping ban on Italian rider Riccardo Ricco puts another huge dent in
the hopes of the Tour de France's organizers to have a clean, drug-free
race. ...

What ever happened to Stijn Devolder

from pre-race favorite to forgotten man.  Even before he dropped out.

Syklingens Verden - Norway
One day after his withdrawal from the race on the Col de l'Agnel, Stijn
Devolder summed up his experience in this year's Tour de France. ...

Italian Olympic Committee drug tests Schleck

CONI is getting in on the act.  Seems like a good thing.

Italian Olympic Committee performs surprise drug test on new Tour ...
International Herald Tribune - France
AP CUNEO, Italy: The Italian Olympic Committee performed surprise doping
tests on new Tour de France leader Frank Schleck and his CSC team after
Sunday's ...

The downs and ups of Christan Vande Velde

Kimmage says CVV beat Armstrong at a training camp, but the team was afraid to tell Armstrong.  And there's more. Much more.  Kimmage seems to lack an appreciation for grey areas.  Either his stories are all positive or all negative.  This is the former.

Christian Vande Velde: Christian soldier
Sunday Times - UK
by Paul Kimmage
"Everybody cheats. I just didn't know"
Dave (Dennis Christopher) in the film Breaking Away...

online betting guide still picking Evans

What's a measly eight seconds?

Evans Still Tour De France Favourite Despite Sunday Blip
OLBG Betting News - Bristol,Bristol,UK
Silence-Lotto rider Cadel Evans remains the favourite to win the 2008 Tour
de France despite losing the Yellow Jersey yesterday. ...

Bloomberg News says Rider Pay is Down

They estimate some riders are getting as little as 1.38 Euro per mile pedaled at the Tour.  And the doping scandals keep dragging it down.  Insert your own joke here.

Tour de France Drug Scandals Cut Rider Pay as Sponsors Pull Out
Bloomberg - USA
Doping scandals have reduced the salaries of Tour de France riders by as
much as one-third since he retired last year. Some will earn as little as
30000 ...

South African Paper says Tour Losing Credibility

This columnist says his pharmicist should cover the tour...

Tour de Farce losing credibility rapidly...
Independent Online - Cape Town,South Africa
With the Tour de France running to its usual form and the Olympics on the
way I'm going to need someone who knows his THG from his HGH and his EPO.

Boston Globe announces TdF Breakfast at Redbones

If you happen to be in Boston on Tuesday....

A Tour de France breakfast at Somerville restaurant
Boston Globe - United States
At its Tour de France breakfast onTuesday, you can watch athletes perform
leg-busting feats while hard-core bike fans provide commentary over eggs.