04 July, 2009

Lance Armstrong: The perfect person*

*according to his coach.

Chris Carmichael tells us the truth. Lance is "one of the best on-the-road tacticians the sport has ever seen."

Maybe Carmichael forgets Lance's early days, when he'd go out to obliterate the competition and get beaten by fellow juniors. or how he rode too aggressively early on in races like the 1991 worlds or 1992 Olympics. Maybe Lance learned in his early pro days from Motorola Directeur Sportif Hennie Kuiper, widely considered a great tactician. No doubt he learned something from Johan Bruyneel. Or maybe it's just experience; he's got ten years on his teammate Contador and much of the peloton.

Myth-making aside, we'll get to see how Lance does without a radio in his ear on stage 10 and 13. Stage 10 could well be a tough one, occurring on the heels of a rest day and countless little ups and downs that could create chaos. And stage 13 has two category two climbs separated by a category one climb. Doesn't look to be a decisive day, but without radios and a tired peloton splintering, we could learn how good Armstrong's on-the-road captaining really is.

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