12 July, 2009

Lance Knifed in the Back?

"As if set in a Shakespearing drama, he was knifed in the back by his own teammate - Alberto Contador." says Joe Oneill of the Bleacher Report.

My feeling is climbing is a game for the strong. If Lance could have gone with Alberto, he would have. That Contador gained any time on a climb that didn't favor him was impressive. The headwind facing the riders effectively flattened the climb, making drafting possible thus giving those who follow a big advantage over the rest. If Contador could take time into a headwind, then he should be able to get gobs of time on steeper climbs.

Oneill's conclusion: "I don't think Contador will go for that (letting Lance win). I think he wants to take down Armstrong because nobody else has. But what a story for Lance Armstrong. Even if he doesn't win, it has me wondering if, perhaps, he was clean all those years?"

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