28 July, 2009

Riding on real butterflies. Armstrong has, and you can, too.

In yet another mega-marketing move, Lance Armstrong has been riding custom-painted bikes at the Tour. They are supposed to go on display and then auctioned for charity.

What I didn't realize is that the frame Damien Hirst worked on for Armstrongs Champs-Elysees jaunt has real butterflies under the paint. apparently the butterflies were specially-bred for Hirst and are supposed to shimmer in the sunlight. I wonder if we're being punk'd, but stranger things have been ridden. I guess.

Here's the story from UK Eurosport.

Here's Trek's press release.

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jason said...

Hirst is the guy who got famous for dead sharks in formaldehyde tanks, he followed that up with sheep and cows split nose to tail, also in tanks. So, real butterflies under the clearcoat is just Hirsts MO... and this is my thirrd post tonight...