29 July, 2009

want an honest assessment of next year's tour?

Would you ask the Versus announcers? They might be knowledgeable and nice guys and all, but can they give a clear assessement? Would you be surprised that Versus announcers are calling Armstrong a favorite for the 2010 tour already?

The Los Angeles Times appears to be sourcing their quotes from television broadcasts.

"It's already being said, on Versus television by announcers such as Bob Roll and Paul Sherwen, and in the peloton by 2009 Tour de France winner Alberto Contador. A favorite for the 2010 Tour de France title?

"Lance Armstrong."

Yes, he was third in 2009, so not exactly calling a surprise on us, but with all the up-and-comers at this year's Tour, this is their fave'?

Later, they track down Jim Ochowicz, the man who brought hte first american team to the Tour, 7-Eleven, about lance. "'With his broken collarbone this year,' Ochowicz said, 'it was remarkable that he finished on the podium. If he stays healthy and trains all year and has a strong team, yes, he can win.'" Would you believe he's friends with Lance?

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