25 July, 2008

Business Week wonders about honesty in sport

There's really a question?  What is glaring here, and in other stories about the "clean" teams of Columbia and Garmin, is that the CSC-Saxo Bank team put an anti-doping program in place years earlier, and got little fanfare. The French cycling federation instituted longitudinal testing before that got even less love.  For their efforts, the French were portrayed as whiners who couldn't win at their own race.  Maybe it's just me, but French riders were amongst the most aggressive of the Tour, looking more competitive than they have in years. 

Tour de France Raises Fresh Questions About Honesty in Sports
BusinessWeek - USA
The 2008 Tour de France raises the question of whether this century will
witness the criminalization of professional athletes. As the Tour nears the
finish ...

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