25 July, 2008

Newseek Blogs about the Spectre of doping

It's not so much the inattention to fact, or the odd moral outrage, but the strange moments of hypocrisy that define this piece.  The closing statement is the kicker.  (Spoiler alert)  Here it is, "The Tour won't be itself until Lance Armstrong has a true successor--someone who wins and keeps yellow, and returns to defend it. Until then, the advances in drug screening can keep the show on the road, but the heart of the race will keep bleeding on the asphalt."  Won't be itself to whom?  If that is the case, then the problem lies with the public.

Can the Tour De France Outrun Doping?
Newsweek - USA
A year ago the Tour de France disintegrated before it left the Alps. The
presumptive winner, Michael Rasmussen, fired by his team for evading doping

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