24 July, 2009

Armstrong Accepts Doping Suspicion?

That's what he tells the Telegraph in the UK.

"His remarkable achievements in cycling's premier event, however, has led to persistent accusations of doping. 'With spectacular performance, you just get that,' he said. 'Cycling has got itself to this place, where it has to be like that.'"

You do. And maybe should, in all walks of sport and life. But he might have had a hand in the suspicion following him around?

Still, here's the most revealing quote from the piece, :

“Definitely in the past [I was pretty hard on people around me]. Before, I would tell the guys in the team, ‘You’re not talking to anybody. We’re here to race, three weeks; you can talk to your friends afterwards.’ Now the rest of the peloton see me and think, ‘He actually talks to us!’”

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