24 July, 2009

in other doping news...

Disgraced 1997 Tour champ Jan Ullrich calls drug testing "inhumane." Maybe that's a mistranslation of Ullrich's colloquial German.

The story comes from Eurosport.

Ullrich, "The boys are thrown out of their beds at 6:30 in the morning. A controller comes into the room and stays with them all the time. From where I'm sitting that's inhumane"

Armstrong is quoted, too: "You can't go and pull guys out of bed at 6am. If I came to your room at six in the morning, you'd throw the furniture at me."

Except that pro cyclists gave their permission when they signed on for this gig.

But in fairness, there is drug abuse in many job environments. Does it constitute an unfair edge? I'd hate to think I'd need to take amphetamines or Adderall for my job, though I suppose if it could help me doing something really dangerous, I might think otherwise. But then, why am I doing the dangerous thing to begin with?

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