18 July, 2009

An American First at the 2009 Tour

An American working as chef to a pro team in the Tour?

"Sean Fowler, an American chef who runs a restaurant, El Racó d’Urús, in the Pyrenees. The team had eaten there during training sessions and hired him on the spot.

"Fowler, 43, and a native of Wondervu, Colo., has a lofty résumé. A graduate of theCulinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, N.Y., he is thought to be the first American chef at the Tour de France.

"'To have Sean cooking and all the fresh stuff makes a big difference,' the rider David Zabriskie said. He’s even making me beets, which I like a lot. Helps move things along.'”

The Times might be right. One of the first chefs hired by an American team, Seven-11 in this case, was, I believe, Willy Balmat, a Swiss

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