18 July, 2009

I've learned lots of stuff on my summer vacation

Jerry Davich has learned alot about the Tour de France. A Lot.

"I've learned that the annual race is broken down into day-long "stages," and the rider with the fastest time is allowed to then sport a famed yellow jersey and stuffed lion mascot. Similarly, the rider who places second in points wears a green jersey, and the daily "King of the Mountains" rider wears a white jersey with red dots.

"I've learned that since 1903, more than 10,000 riders have attempted the race - with only 6,000 completing it - collectively pedaling the distance between the Earth and the moon. And every district in France has hosted the race, as well as each bordering country.

"And I've learned that this year, competitors in the 96th Tour will use high-tech equipment and old-fashioned determination to earn the same bragging rights of a century ago.

"Simply put, the only way I'll probably ever tour France is through the Tour de France."

Jerry is a metro columnist for the Post-Tribune newspaper.

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