18 July, 2009

Editorial Board of Concord Monitor Endorses Lance

You don't see too many editorials rooting for an athlete, especially one who isn't a local. The Concord Monitor of New Hampshire leaves no question of their feelings with the editorial, "Rooting for Lance to make it eight."

The board has bought the company line.

"Armstrong, who nearly died in 1996 from testicular cancer that metastasized to his brain and lungs, has long been the subject of speculation about illegal drug use. He vehemently denies allegations that he ever used performance enhancing drugs. His medical history and his seven consecutive tour wins have made him perhaps the most heavily tested athlete in history.

'I tell you, Armstrong will be particularly, particularly, particularly monitored,' France's sports minister, Roselyne Bachelot, told reporters.

Armstrong's performance this year gives lie to the accusations. Despite breaking his collarbone in a fall in March, he went on to place 12th in the 2,147-mile Giro d'Italia in May. Today, after 11 stages of the Tour de France, Armstrong remains in third place."

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