18 July, 2009

What do do when the Tour Visits Your Town

Act like sophisticates?

"So what did we do? We lost it. Joyfully. We acted as yokels and loved it. We got Tour fever just as everyone else has done in every other quarter of the country the past 100 years or so.

"Even the visiting Parisians entered into the spirit, in their aloof way, which meant shouting things in English to Mark Cavendish, the 24-year-old sprint phenom from the Isle of Man, as he passed.

"We crowded the roadside for hours, picnicked with strangers, wore dumb hats, danced to disco from car stereos and looked with desperation for places to "pipi." I still wonder at the reactions around the Joël Richard sawmill company when all those soaked logs were found the next day."

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